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Special Service

Customer Service/Special Service

Advisory service for roadside emergency

(no accident involved)

This special service from Viriyah Insurance provides advice in the case of roadside emergency. We can coordinate with parties concerned to provide assistance, such as towing, when there is an emergency. The service is available to our clients and the general public. Per inquiries please contact our nearest center/branch or call our Customer Relations Center for advice. Our hotline numbers are 1557 and 02-239-1557

Claim Service

1. Appointments for claim service: Clients may make appointments with our claim officers by specifying the required date, time, and venue in order to get our claim service. In the case that it is not convenient for clients to use the service at the service/claim center of Viriyah Insurance, they may choose another meeting place that is suitable and more convenient such as at their house, office, or at a department store. Call 1557 or 02-239-1557.

2. Claim service by service center operators under our Special Service for Viriyah Insurance’s Clients Project. For the clients’ convenience and speediness, clients may use claim services offered by Service Centers under the said Project nationwide.

Conditions for Claim Service by Service Center in the Project
  • Damage of up to 5 items: Repair fee and spare parts up to 20,000 Baht.
  • Must be a claim without another party, e.g. collision with a post, a car being hit by a stone, broken glasses, etc.
  • The insured car’s owner declaring their wish to process their claim at any venue must have repair work done at the service center where the claim is processed.
  • Customers themselves must report an accident to the Repair Service Center in the Project that is responsible for the area where the accident takes place.

3. Claim reimbursement service at every center/branch of Viriyah Insurance is carry out using the data bases that are interconnected throughout the country, ready to serve clients who are collecting their claims.

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