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Personal Accident and Health Insurance

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Product/Accident and Health Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance: Eua Ar Ree

Eua Ar Ree insurance is special for those who have the limited income.
This program covers the insured person's death/loss of body parts
resulting from an accident.

Suitable for:

  • A person aged 15-60 years.

Subject matter of insurance:

  • Insured person.


Length of coverage:


  • The insured person must be in good health without any physical impairment or disability.
  • Buyer must select one plan and buy only one insurance policy.

*The information given above is only a brieft summary of important coverage elements. For details information, please contact Viriyah Insurance Public Company Limited or your insurance agent.

For more information please call 0-2129-8888

Fax: 0-2239-1347 (Underwriting) 0-2239-1326 (Claim)

Ms. Noppawan Patcharoen (Underwriting) Ext. 7651
Ms.Orachart Putthawong (Underwriting) Ext. 7648
Mrs. Nattharin Laohapornsap (Claim) Ext. 8773
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