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Motor Insurance for Cross Border Vehicles (Commercial Use)
Cross Border Commercial Vehicles Campaign
The purpose of this campaign is to provide top quality motor insurance services to commercial vehicles travelling outside the border of Thailand. This campaign provides coverages to commercial vehicles travelling to the following countries; 1. Lao People’s Democratic Republic 2. Republic of the Union of Myanmar 3. Kingdom of Cambodia This campaign provides full accidental coverages to driver, passengers, and third party liabilities including both physical injuries, loss of life, and property damage.

Campaign Requirements 
     -  Customer owning a businesses that require cross border transport

Required Documents 
     -  A copy of Thai citizen’s ID card
     -  A copy of a registration document from Department of Land and Transport of a vehicle that is requesting to be insured
     -  A copy of a driver’s license
     -  Pictures of a vehicle that is requesting to be insured or has completed an inspection from an appointed inspector.

Cross Border Commercial Vehicles Campaign Criteria

    1.Insured vehicle type
     a.  Truck, Sleeper, or Trailer
     b.  Vehicle Life not exceed 30 years or depending on vehicle condition

Customer Benefits
  1. Up to 10% discount on insurance purchase when insured 3 or more vehicles
  2. Vehicles with installed GPS system will receive additional 10% premium discount

Contact Information
1)Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Insurance Purposes Udorn Thani Branch Tel: 0-4221-2670-5
Claim Services Allianz General du Laos (AGL)
Call Center
Tel: 021-222-2222

2)Kingdom of Cambodia
Insurance Purposes Nakhorn Ratchasrima Branch Tel: 0-4428-1820-9
Claim Services Asia Insurance (Cambodia)
Ms. Bumphen Suntornchaikit
Ms. Piyawan Pangsirisawat
Tel: 855-023-427-981
Tel: 855-023-427-981

1) สาธารณรัฐประชาธิปไตยประชาชนลาว
Insurance Purposes Nakhornsawan Branch Tel: 0-5622-9951-7
Claim Services Myanmar Claim Coordinating Center (Myawaddy)
Mr. Somnuk Tunkitrungreung
Ms. Karun Tunkitrungreung
Tel: 097-306-8855
Tel: 093-298 7540

For more information, please contact Cross Border Commercial Vehicles Campaign Division, RS Tower, Floor 38, Ratchadaphisek Rd, Din Dang, Bangkok 10400

1.Mr. Kraisorn Chaiwech email :
2.Mr. Thamarat Timim email :
3.Mr. Supasilp Lekagul email :

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