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Social Contribution
Happiness from Giving – Viriyah Insurance for Thai Society

The Viriyah Insurance Public Company Limited is a public-minded non-life insurance organization. In addition to our determination to perform our duty in providing life and property security for the public, the company follows its ideology in sharing and acting for the public good.  Through activities and public interest projects that arecontinually carried out in earnest, we have been pursuing the wish of our founder to:

“Do business for a better society, not just for personal gain without considering its impact on society.  A good business must be profitable, but there must be limits.  It has to be carried out with integrity. That is, to reap benefits, but not by taking advantage of others”.

Lek Viriyahbhun
Founder of The Viriyah Insurance Public Company Limited

In addition to providing comprehensive non-life insurance services, the company recognizes its duty as a member of Thai society to care for and pay back to society.  Fulfillingits social responsibilities on an ongoing basis is one of the company’s priorities.  Special emphasis is given to improving the quality of life and wellbeing of the Thai people.  In this light, morevarious forms of activities have been rolled out every year.  The company provides full support to these activities, aiming to ensure that as the country is prospering, the Thai people also have life and property security and the characteristic of a caring society that is unique to the Thai people is sustained.

In defining our strategies on corporate social responsibility we focus on both the needs of society and our business goals in order to create real benefits for both society and our company.  Our CSR activities are not meant to show only our responsibilities toward clients, but also towards society as a whole.  Return on investment for the sake of society cannot be measured in terms of numbers, but can be explained in terms of its significance and the needs it responds to.  It is possible to make people understand how such investment can generate value and benefits for society.  From this perspective, the way our business has achieved success and acceptance of the public stems entirely from the management’s vision and policy that do not focus on business development alone, but also attach importance to social responsibility in parallel.

Our ongoing CSR activities have been carried out continuously to achieve our sustainable social responsibility goal.  In this light, we have modified our strategies and concentrated on six main aspects of social responsibility: safety, education, environmental conservation, sufficiency economy, religion and culture, and medicine and public health.


Viriyah Insurance recognizes the severity of road accidents and their consequential losses.  Latest statistics from the Global Status Report on Road Safety 2013 prepared by the World Health Organization ranks Thailand as the country with the third highest rate of deaths from road accidents.  From 1998 onward, the company has implemented a number of road safety projects in cooperation with public and private organization such as the Department of Land Transport, the Traffic Public Division, the Don’t Drive Drunk, Foundation, etc.  Most of our projects are proactive as we recognize the importance of accident prevention.  Through preventive measures, traffic casualty risks can be reduced.  Some of our ongoing important activities are our contributions to the establishment of the Don’t Drive Drunk Foundation; support to the Statesman Foundation; the Zero Deaths road safety  campaign and the accident reduction campaign during the New Year; the Vehicle Inspections for Safety Project, the Drivers License Training Course; the safety public relations media project using dolls to present the concept of Don’t Drive Drunk, Don’t Drive While Sleepy, and Don’t Drive and Talk on the Phone; and the helmet usage promotion campaign.


The determination of Viriyah Insurance Public Company Limited to play a contributing role in promoting and helping young people to have opportunities for education is seen in its various activities and projects.  The company hopes that these programs, based on the concept that learning is not limited to the classroom environment and aiming to boost their morale, enhance their potential, and build up their capacity, will encourage these young people to dare to think, act, and express themselves. Among a variety of projects implemented by the company are the “Kor Kai Sai Tu” Project; scholarships granted to winners of annual mathematics contests organized by the Mathematical Association of Thailand; scholarships for children of police officers; support given to the School Notebooks: Sufficiency Series Project; the Insurance Business Awareness Campaign and the Road Safety to College Campaign; the Youth Development Project focusing on agricultural vocational education to prepare for the upcoming ASEAN Economic Community; the “Pan Nam Chai Chak Phi Su Nong” Project; and the “San Fan Pan Nam Chai IT” Project for children and residents of Ban Rong Kla community.

Environmental Conservation

As a private organization, Viriyah Insurance gives importance to the development of people’s quality of life and wellbeing that will enable them to have security and safety in life and property.  Another thing that the company has done in earnest is to raise the conscience of all members of society to play a role in caretaking and conserving the environment.  Starting with an internal “Viriyah Chit Asa” Project, our employees have shown their concerted effort to voluntarily participate in the environmental conservation projects such as the “Mangrove Planting Project in Honor of His Majesty the King; the forest conservation “Ruam Phalang Khon Rak Pa: Rap Khwan Khao Mai Thuak Khao Tanaosi Project; the projects in support of the We Love Lumpini Park Foundation, and weir building and tree planting activities to conserve the source of the Ping River.

Sufficiency Economy

The company allocated a budget of 5 million Baht for a campaign to raise awareness on the concept of sufficiency economy.  The ultimate goal was for the community to be self-reliant and self-sufficient, have fresh air, know how to revive natural resources such as soil, water and forests, and be aware of waste management.  This could be achieved by implementing the Reviving the Land Strategy by means of the five-pronged approach proactively used by the sufficiency economy task force of people in villages and communities.  The training course “Paradigm Shift toward Sufficiency Economy” was a two-day, one-night training program comprising morning lectures, afternoon practical workshops, and evening debriefing.  The concept, emphasizing making a living honestly, was further expanded to communities in the Bangpakong River Basin and Samutprakarn Province.  Other activities included post-flood rehabilitation activities to prevent flood related diseases and environment sanitation activities; the Phi Phua Nong Chak Phong Phuan Program; and the forest conservation brainstorming activities “Rap Khwan Khao Mai Thuak Khao Tanaosi.” 

Religion and Culture

Viriyah Insurance has always recognized and given importance to religious and cultural activities.  Thailand is a country rich with historical and cultural heritage and Buddhism has always been a strong pillar of Thai society. Thus it is important to preserve and promote these cultural and religious customs and traditions for our posterity.  In view of this, the company has implemented numerous activities, e.g. organizing the Tak Bat Nangsue Di (offering good books to monks) campaign; organizing the 12th Public Speaking Training Course for monks and novices; publishing the book “Tham Di Thi Pho Tham: (Good Dharma Practiced by Father) to Commemorate His Majesty the King’s 84th Birthday Anniversary; organizing a Kathin robe presentation ceremony for a group of people; and other religious activities such as paying homage to sacred relics and organizing a group ordination ceremony for men entering monkhood, etc.

Medicine and Public Health

Viriyah Insurance Public Company Limited recognizes the importance of quality of life for all Thais and considers that it is a blessing to be healthy.  We have always proactively promoted medicine and public health related activities in terms of both prevention and treatment.  We care about people’s health and provide support to the work of the Liver Foundation and the Phramongkutklao Hospital Foundation.  We have also sponsored the purchase of medical devices for the Sayamindradhiraj Medical Institute and have been involved in the Village Primary Health Center Promotion Project and the Exercise Program for the Elderly Project.

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