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Insurance for Business and Liability

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Product/Business and Liability Insurance

Fire Insurance for Business or Commercial Risks

This option is suitable for non-residential buildings. 
The premium starts at 646 Baht/year.  The policy covers
three basic perils regardless of where the property/building
is located and what material it is made of.  This insurance
product provides value for money for the insured person
with the full sum insured (100% of the value of the building
and property) including the actual value of the goods therein. 

Suitable for

  • Business owners, owners of retail shops, companies, and factories

Subject matter of insurance

  • Building/structure (not including foundation)
  • Furniture, installed/built in fixtures, including all implements/equipment
  • Machinery
  • Inventory
  • Others (as indicated additionally by the insured person for a particular insurance policy)


  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Explosion of gas (for household use)
  • Extra special perils (bought additionally)

Premiums start at 646 Baht/year (For additional information, please contact Viriyah Insurance’s staff.)

Length of coverage


  • Can be insured and entitle to coverage immediately without a risk survey
  • Compensation paid for actual damage but not exceeding the sum insured
  • Wooden row houses, half-concrete, half-wood row houses, and wooden house are not eligible for this insurance plan.
  • More than one policy can be purchased.

*The above statements are only a summary of important information.  For additional details, please contact Viriyah Insurance Public Company Limited or your insurance agents.  

For more information please call 0-2129-8888

Fax: 0-2641-3599 (Underwriting) 0-2239-1326 (Claim)

Ms. Warunee Yaiyung (Underwriting) Ext. 7694
Ms. Orapa Treesawatdeepiboon (Underwriting) Ext. 7687
Mr. Nattawat Ninlaphat (Underwriting) Ext. 7682
Mr. Sarawut Sophonparakron (Claim) Ext. 7736
Ms. Hatairat Owangkeaw (Claim) Ext. 7740
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