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Product/Business and Liability Insurance

Business Owner Insurance

Business Owner Insurance is an insurance plan developed to provide
security for SME operators.  Several types of coverage are included
in a single policy for the purposes of convenience, cost saving,
value for money, and security.  You can be confident that your
business will return to normalcy as if no damage had been incurred to its. 

Suitable for

  • SME operators

Subject matter of insurance

  • Building/structure (not including foundation), furniture, installed/built in fixture, electrical appliances machinery, inventory, and other properties for business operations or properties indicated in the insurance policy.


This program covers insured property against damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, perils caused by smoke, water (excluding floods), aircrafts, vehicles, riot, labor strikes, and perils caused by vandalism and malicious intention.

Additional Coverage 
  • Damage caused to electrical appliances
  • Natural perils, i.e., perils from a flood, a storm, an earth quake, and hails
  • Loss of income
  • Theft
  • Loss of money in the premises and during transportation
  • Loss of or damage caused to billboard(s) and permanently installed glass fixtures
  • Third party liability
  • Death of the insured person, family members, and employees
  • Loss of or damage caused to employees’ personal property

* Coverage conditions are according to details of the Business Owner Insurance policy and the company’s policy in accepting insurance.
* Extended coverage shall be as appropriate based on risks and the company’s policy in accepting insurance.

Sum Insured up to 50 Million Baht (principal coverage only)

Please contact our non-life staff at our branches nationwide for details on premiums.

Length of coverage


  • The insured building/structure must be all concrete.
  • The company reserves the right to assess the perils associated with certain businesses.  Advance notice
    regarding assessment will be given.
  • Coverage conditions and criteria for acceptance shall comply with details of Business Owner Insurance policy and the company’s policy in accepting insurance.

*The above statements are only a summary of important information.  For additional details, please contact Viriyah Insurance Public Company Limited or your insurance agents. 

For more information please call 0-2129-8888

Fax: 0-2239-1326 (Claim)

Ms. Punyawe Somboonpoonpipat (Underwriting) Ext. 7718
Ms. Atchara Phumjampa (Underwriting) Ext. 7720
Mr. Nattawat Ninlaphat (Underwriting) Ext. 7682
Ms. Siriporn Hirunyabut (Claim) Ext. 7734
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