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Marine Insurance


Product/Marine and Transportation Insurance

Marine Hull Insurance

In the event that accident occur during the course of marine business
whereby a vessel is used as a means of transportation (such as perils
caused a storm, a vessel running aground, a collision, a vessel colliding
with submerged rocks), the company with lessen your burden by insuring
the loss or damage of the hull structure, including machinery and other
equipment on board, to make you feel at ease and secure.

Suitable for

  • Ship owners

Subject matter of insurance

The vessel, including engines and equipment thereon. There are two types of vessels
  • Vessels without an engine
  • Vessels with engines or self-propelled vessels


The insurance covers damage caused to the vessel and the engines such as in the case of sinking or a fire.

Length of coverage


1. The following information is used for price calculation

  • Vessel registration certificate
  • A vessel inspection certificate that is still in effect
  • A photo of the vessel with a visible vessel registration number 

2. The policy covers routes in the Thai territorial waters only.

  *The above statements are only a summary of important information.  For additional details, please contact Viriyah Insurance Public Company Limited or your insurance agents.  

For more information please call 0-2129-8888

Fax: 0-2641-3599

Ms. Runglawan Paengpetch (Underwriting) Ext. 7671
Ms. Pichaya Wangyaichim (Underwriting) Ext. 7677
Ms. Chailai Chaiwuth (Underwriting) Ext. 7672
Ms. Chayapa Chaiwuth (Underwriting) Ext. 7674
Ms. Saowaluk Aphimas (Claim) Ext. 7673
Ms. Bongkote Sawataksornchuen (Claim) Ext. 7678
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