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Exclusive Motor Insurance for Q-Mark Certified Commercial Trucks
“Quality Mark (Q-Mark)” Issued by the Department of Land Transport
Campaign: “Standardized Quality and Service through Commercial Truck Transport”

        This exclusive campaign has been established by the business collaborations between the Department of Land Transport and The Viriyah Insurance Public Company Limited in order to leverage high standard of land transport via commercial trucks by supporting, encouraging, and promoting the Q-Mark standardization into every commercial truck businesses in Thailand. The Q-Mark standardization helps to improve overall performance in service providing efficiency and management quality of all commercial truck transport systems. Moreover, the conditions of all Q-Mark certified commercial trucks are monitored regularly by the appointed highly experienced personnel to ensure that every delivery by the Q-Mark certified trucks is safe and secured. The Q-Mark, furthermore, emphasizes on having high quality drivers with good driving experiences to lower the possibility of road accidents during every truck transport thus reducing the operation cost and overall transportation cost of their businesses in the long run. As a result, the Q-Mark is expected to be a new standard to help improving commercial transport service quality in Thailand which also leads to significant enhancement in overall transporting business sector. With fully-implemented Q-Mark standardization, all domestic commercial transport businesses will have the efficient capability to globally compete with foreign competitors, and especially with lower trade barriers in the near future.

Requirements for Campaign Participants
  • All Q-Mark certified commercial transport businesses are eligible to participate in this exclusive campaign.

Required Documents for The Viriyah Insurance Benefits
  • A photo copy of Road Transport Service Certification
  • A photo copy of Road Transport Permit indicating the total number of certified vehicles (ขส.บ. 12 ง.)

Exclusive Benefits for The Viriyah Insurance Customer
  • Special discounts for voluntary motor insurance
  • Special discounts for carrier-liability insurance
  • Renewal fee support for scheduled Q-Mark qualification renewal process

  • ** the company’s terms and conditions applied

Exclusive Benefits from the Department of Land Transport
  • The Q-Mark certified commercial transport business will be given a bonus point of 35-40 out of 100 in applying for cross border commercial transport permit
  • Eligible to attend various meetings and seminars with others from neighbor countries (i.e. Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, etc.) along with executives from The Department of Land Transport in order to create widely business networks
  • Eligible to be advertised / publicized through various events and activities held by the Department of Land Transport. Q-Mark certified business title will also be listed on the Thai Trucker Center website ( and published as official documents for international seminars hosted by Thai government and members of the ASEAN community
  • Privilege to exclusively use all Department of Land Transport’s Truck Terminals
  • Eligible for special discounts when purchasing motor insurance and cross border motor insurance from The Viriyah Insurance PCL.

Required Documents in Applying for Q-Mark Certification
  • Q-Mark application form(Download)
  • Self-evaluation form as identified by Q-Mark certification(Download)
  • A photo copy of Road Transport Permit issued by the Department of Land Transport

For more information to apply for Q-Mark certification
  • Land Transport Development & Promoting Center
    The Department of Land Transport
    Tel / Fax: 02-271-8490
    Email :
  • All Department of Land Transport’s Offices countrywide
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For more details regarding add-on benefits from The Viriyah Insurance Public Company Limited please contact;
  • The Viriyah Insurance Public Company Limited Marketing Department
  • 121/28, 121/65 RS Tower, Ratchadapisek Rd., Dindang, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
  • Tel: 0-2129-8888

  • 1. Mr. Kraisorn Chaiwech Tel: 02-129-7476 email :
    2. Mr. Thamarat Timim Tel: 02-129-7484 email :

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