Initial Damage Payment

“Initial Damage Payment” is defined in the new kind of car insurance policies as the amount of damages in each incident that the insured persons agrees to be liable for in the event of an accident caused by his car.

Voluntary Initial Damage Payment

Car owners who are confident and have a cautious driving habit may choose to be liable for initial damage payment.  There are two options: coverage of damage to the body of the car (insured person’s car) and coverage of damage to a third party’s property (a third party’s car or property).  A discount is offered and the premiums are reduced to the amount stated in the conditions of the contract.

Initial Damage Payment in the Event of Breach of Contract
  • The case of a policy with the driver’s name identified but the person driving the car is another person who is responsible for the accident, the insured person must pay the following damages :
    • First 6,000 Baht for damage caused to the insured car.
    • First 2,000 for the damage caused to a third party’s property.
  • The case of a car used for a different purpose, such as renting out a car that is registered for private use.  In a case like this, the insured party must pay 2,000 Baht for the damage caused to a third party’s property.